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Free and open-source virtual tabletop that you and your friends can run in the browser. No sign-ups and no ads. Just launch the app below to get started.

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Your new tabletop, simplified

Ogres is built from the ground up with only the things a very lazy dungeon master needs to run their weekly game. It has a clean, intuitive interface that makes setting up your scenes and encounters a breeze.

  • Instantly start preparing your game; no sign-ups or ads
  • Start an online collaborative session for your friends
  • Prepare and manage multiple scenes at once
  • Built-in initiative tracker for streamlined encounters
  • Responsive design for phones and tablets
  • Easy to use for other game systems
  • Polygonal mask tool
  • ... and much more planned!

Play with your friends

Adventures are better with friends; start an online game with the click of a button and invite them to your tabletop with a 4 letter code. Watch in real-time as they stumble headfirst into a nest of angry remorhaz.

Screenshot showcasing radial lighting system

Immersive lighting system

Torch bearers lead the way through a shroud of darkness. A simple yet effective radial lighting system keeps your dungeon crawls immersive without wasting hours of your life.

Screenshot showcasing initiative feature

Built-in initiative tracker

You and your companions just failed a critical deception check; roll for initiative with the built-in initiative tracker for seamless encounters. Helps track time spent in combat, the number of rounds that have elapsed, and more.

Screenshot of Chrome local storage data

No accounts, no ads

Anyone else tired of signing up for stuff? Ogres uses an entirely local data model, which means it doesn't keep anything on its servers. There are no page analytics, no ads, no sign ups, and no way for me to know if anyone is actually using this thing. You couldn't spend money on this if you tried. Terrible for business, great for users.